Duathlon Series

The largest Duathlon Series in Ireland and the UK is back for 2014 and we’ll have our 45th Duathlon on the 7th of May.  Online entry is now open.

2014 Runways Duathlon Series dates

Date Event Distances
30 April 2014 Free Practice session - enter here 1 run lap, transition practice and gear Q&A
07 May 2014 Duathlon Series
2.7km run, 12km cycle, 2.7km run
04 June 2014 Duathlon Series  2.7km run, 12km cycle, 2.7km run
02 July 2014 Duathlon Series  2.7km run, 12km cycle, 2.7km run
06 Aug 2014 Duathlon Series – Formula 1 2.7km run, 8km cycle, 2.7km run, 8km cycle, 2.7km run

We’ve been advised by the OPW and Gardai that no racing is allowed on the Duathlon course outside of the designated races.

Runways Duathlon – race week timetable

Online entry list published – Monday

Sign-on in Runways

If you have already registered on-line, you can sign-on at the Runways store on Parnell Street, where you will get your race bib and timing chip from at the following times:

  • Tuesday from midday – 6.00pm
  • Wednesday 6th from 9.30am – 2.00pm

Online entry closes Monday evening or Tuesday morning

Duathlon Race day

Sign-on: from 6pm – 7pm you can also sign-on at the start/finish line.  Note: if you arrive at 7:10pm, you will have missed sign-on.  The sign-on marshals will be on the course, so there will be nobody there to allow you to sign-on.

On the day entry: There will be limited registration available at 6- 7pm.  Typically the medium waves are full, so you will have the choice of the 7:10pm fast or 7:50pm beginner start.

Duathlon Start times

The run start times are 7:10pm fast start, 7:20pm medium start, 7:40pm medium start, 7:55pm beginner start.  This is subject to change for entry number and daylight conditions.  In particular the August Duathlon, usually leaves the finish time close to dusk, so if it’s overcast we will have the last start at 7:40pm.

Run Route

Duathlon Run start

Duathlon Run start

The run is on a 2.7km clockwise triangular course around the football pitches in the Phoenix Park, next to the Papal Cross. The run is completely on a tarmac cycle path, however you can run along the grass next to the footpath. In fact running on the grass was a tactic used by Peter Kern when he ran bare foot to victory in 2009 to save time in transition.

Duathlon Course Map

Dublin Duathlon run course

Dublin Duathlon run and cycle course map

Cycle route

duathlon cycle

duathlon cycle – all standards welcome

The cycle loop is approx 4km in length. It runs on a clockwise loop on roads closed to traffic. Competitors complete 3 laps of this loop. Starting next to the Papal Cross, proceed down the Kyber hill, up the Military Road, down through the S-Bends, up St Mary’s hill and across the Acres road back to the start.

There are up to 100 beginners at every event (many on mountain bikes), so we are giving competitors the option to enter a special beginners start when entering online.

Garmin maps of the Dublin Duathlon Course

Duathlon Timetable on the night

6:00pm – 7pm Sign on : for pre-entries only (location: Papal Cross car park entrance)
6:00pm- 6:45pm Registration on the night : for those who haven’t pre-entered (limited to 50 entries on the night)
7:15pm Roads close to car traffic
7:10pm Fast Start
7:25pm Medium Start
7:40pm Medium Start
7:50pm Beginners Start
7:45pm First man expected
7:50pm First woman expected
9:00pm approx Prize giving next to transition.
9:05pm Head home having competed in what we believe to be one of the most fun and intense events on the Irish Triathlon Calendar

Entries on the night

Smile, it's summer in the Phoenix Park

Smile, it’s summer in the Phoenix Park

Yes, there will be limited entry on the night at the higher price of €27, if the 400 entry limit hasn’t been reached.

What start wave should I choose?

You will be asked on the online entry form if you want to be in a beginners, a medium or a fast start. There are no minimum or maximum requirements for any start, the choice is entirely yours. However prize money will only be given out to competitors in the fast start. This allows us to make more room for beginners in the last start, while ensuring a free run of the course to the faster people in the first start.

What fitness level is required?

While the Olympic hopefuls may get the headlines, the largest start wave in the Runways Duathlons is always the beginner’s start.  Typically there is 150 people in the beginners start every duathlon.

What bike should I use?

The majority of people use road bikes.  However there’s lots of bikes used from mountain bikes to even a DublinBike used by beginners.  The top competitors usually choose to use expensive TT or Tri bikes, but on this course, there’s little to be gained from expensive bikes.  The most important element is your fitness and that the bike fits you.

The most important part is that it is road worthy (working brakes, etc) and that you have a cycling helmet.

Runways Phoenix Park Duathlon costs

The Duathlon series is amongst  the cheapest duathlon in Ireland, but the quality of setup, timing, photos and prize money are 2nd to none.  The fact that it’s the largest Duathlon Series in the Ireland and the UK, hopefully proves this.  The entry prices start at €20 per race when entering all four and go up to €25 when entering just one event.  Non-TI members are required to pay either €8 one-day insurance when entering online or €10 on race day.  The entry price has increased since last year, but the one-day insurance cost has come down.  The entry price has not increased since 2008, however over the past few years, significant extra but valid cost from state agencies are now levied, so if the Duathlon series is to survive, we have to increase the entry price for the first time in six years.
Online entry is provided by IrishTriathlon here.

Previous years results & photos

Duathlon start line back in 2006

Duathlon start line back in 2006

Results and photos from previous years can be found here.

Do I need a licence to race?

If you aren’t a member of Triathlon Ireland (and don’t have you’re membership card with you), you’ll have to purchase one-day insurance.  The cost is €8 if you purchase it online as you enter.  The cost on the night is €10.

Do drop us a line

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Can I get a refund if I cannot attend?

An entry to DublinTri.com is non-transferable and non-refundable payment, exceptions to this rule are:

  • If refund is requested within 7 days of purchase date, when it is not purchased within 7 days of the event
  • If you are unable to compete for medical reasons we will refund you on receipt of a doctors cert

Note: we won’t issue refunds if is requested for whatever reason, in the last 7days before the event.

Can I transfer my entry?

All entries are non-transferable either to a different participant or to subsequent events in future years.

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